Another wooden geared clock

Here’s the latest clock…everything cut on the X-carve. The front frame on this one was modeled and cam’d in Fusion 360. Everything else Draftsight and CamBam.



Very sweet… well thought out!!!

Not a Steelers fan, but clock is awesome :slight_smile: #CursedToLoveTheJets

Well, I guess I could alter it into a vikings clock…NOT!!:innocent:

Very impressive work!

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Yinz gonna name it Big Ben? From one fellow Pittsburgher to another nice job. Its always Steeler time now.


Thanks. Don’t know what it is but I love these wooden gear mechanisms.

Really cool! A wooden clock is on my “want to make” list. I love the football pendulum.

That is amazing, where did you come up with the design of the clock bits? From a book or just tinkering?

If you mean the gears and other internal bits, I bought plans from Clayton Boyer ( this clock is an adaptation of his Deco Clock) Oh, and thanks!!

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Is There a way to get the svg gear patterns?
Please advise,