Another X Axis & Y Axis mod completed

After watching all the Youtube videos, especial thanks to @RobertA_Rieke for his video.

I also added plates on the Y axis and Clear covers for the Y axis belts at the same time. Ran a quick program on the machine to check and its seems to be working well apart from a bed leaving issue.



O yeah and i broke my 3D printed dust extraction attachment. I’m looking at other options as it really cuts down the thickness of material i can work with.

I am new to this so forgive the question if this is something I should already know. Are the bolt heads in your gantry from the stiffener for that axis? If so can you show that in a little more detail?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Grant.

I’d watch this YouTube video

Basically with the 611 router and running at higher feed rates you can get flex in the two X axis maker slides. This Mod puts a 5mm thick steel plate the full width between the two rails. The bolts you can see then bolt the three parts together to form a much stronger rail.

I wanted to do this as i’ll be cutting aluminium and other metals soon and i don’t want to be breaking cutting bits all the time. I’m also just starting out so i’m sure other people will be able to give a more detailed explanation.


I broke my dust shoe like yours as well. Fortunately it was made from ABS. A little acetone glued it taught back together. Granted the break was not as severe as yours but worth a try if yours is ABS.

I think i probably could glue it back together but i found a problem fitting thicker material under the Z axis so i’m looking at other options.
I’ve bought some of the machine coolant type pipes to make something similar to this project:

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Awesome, thanks Alex

I have a fixed dust extractor that wont remove any Z travel.

I like that, I might have a crack at something similar.

I have fusion 360 files if you want them. By the way, that was the old version, this is the new one:

Are you able to convert the files to Easel and post for the Dust collector?

Im sorry, only have Fusion 360 files. I do know someone else made a similar one using easel.