Anti-backlash Z nut

The Z axis acme lead nut is a weak link for doing lots of precise engravings IMO. Does anyone know of an anti-backlash nut source - one that will fit Shapeoko 2 / X-Carve?


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Openbuilds has one, looking at the design it should have the same size (M5) and spaced (20mm) mount holes.

Thank you,
That seems to be a 4-start thread. I’ll have to check if I have that or a single start screw.

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You may want to take a look at what @ErikJenkins did to replace his entire Z axis with a much sturdier unit.

Look near the bottom of his “It’s Alive” thread to see where he documented the replacement


Could this be adapted? You do have a friend that owns a machine shop. :wink:

oops I didn’t catch that - thanks!

Maybe if you added a second Delrin nut attached little lower to the z axis? Setting the tension would be tricky though.

Or even just a second Delrin nut on the ACME rod (maybe not even not connected to anything) with a tensioning spring (slid around the rod) in-between them?
Would that work? That seems to be how the anti-backlash nuts on my old MaxNC work.

Thanks, I may have to go that way, but it seems more involved than a simple “bolt-on” solution I had hoped to find.

I really hate to badger my friend too much, but I may have to make an exception for this. :wink:

That may be more easily doable. Will investigate. Thanks.

I will do the same. Won’t cost much to try.
Hope you’re better soon.

Looks like there are not too many options. It certainly is a weak spot IMO that needs a fix. Might be possible to modify the existing nut to more like the Open-Builds design. I will look into it.

Thanks all. I will report back later if I find a workable solution (at low cost I hope :grin:).

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Take two nuts and a shaft and squeeze them together.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :smiling_imp:


After you get it set drill and pin it with a small roll pin