Any advice on cutting 3003 gr. aluminum? Feed rate, bit, ect

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to the X-carve and im trying to cut some aluminum projects. I attempted cutting a project on an old street sign i had lying around and I had the feed rate at around 40in/min plunge rate at 3 and depth per pass at .1in(not sure if this was good). For the most part it cut pretty decent and only required a little clean up. After this trial i went to purchase a sheet of 16 gauge aluminum 3003 gr. And i am having major problems with the material gumming up while cutting. I’ve tested a few different speeds with spindle and feed rate, even bought a couple of 1/4" single flute bits and have yet to find the right settings. i would greatly appreciate any suggestions on where i may be messing up.

Thank you

3003 is veeeery soft, go faster and more shallow and if you got it, dose it with some WD40 as you go.


Here is settings for a 1/8" flat end end mill. As Haldor mentioned it’s a very soft metal and proper speeds and feed rates apply. You need the bit to be a 2 or Single Flute. A 1/4" isn’t overkill but will gum up both aluminum and copper because it’s trying to remove too much material.

Tool: 1/8" flat end mill
Feed rate: 59 in/min (1500 mm/min)
Plunge rate: 5 in/min (127 mm/min)
Spindle speed: 16,400 RPM
Max pass depth: 0.002" (0.05 mm)


thank you for the response, i will give this a shot and keep you guys posted.