Any advise for waste/side board

When deciding to purchase or not I saw some advice about not ordering the waste/side board mostly because of how expensive it was to ship. I saw some mention that they created one themselves. By dropping that I was able to get to the point that I pinched enough pennies to decide to buy the x-carve.

Now the packages have arrived and it is time to work on assembly. Now I can not seem to find the person that mentioned they created their own waste board.

Does anyone have any advice or plans on how they designed or how I can design a waste board for a x-carve 1000?

Or do I need to save up and bite the bullet and just buy one (and pay for shipping)?

Hope this may work for you:

Link to drawing with measurements:

if I were to do it all over again, I’d just cut some MDF on a table saw and just run screws into it to hold down my work pieces. It would save a whole mess of time.

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I may end up doing this. I found some other threads on this after posting and it seems like a lot of work to have building your own waste board be something to do for a first/pre-project. Especially when the primary (first) project which spurred us buying this is a LARGE item and may even work fine with C-clamps holding it down. Then after toying with some other projects and being more familiar with the machine it probably won’t be such a daunting concept to build my own board. K.I.S.S. whenever possible - right?

In just cutting some MDF is it possible (or could I) include space for the side board (mounting of boards, etc) as well? Would that make things more sturdy? Any down side from attempting to do that?

If sturdy is a preference I suggest you google for “torsion box” and affix your Xcarve on top of that. Much firmer :slight_smile: