Any clues for a nice 60 degree detail cut

This morning wanted to do a couple of words standing in a pocket, set up the detail cut as a 60 degree cut with a straight 1/4" upcut bit on my modified 30 18 (now a 30 40 something) The two 1/4" straight bits that I have are too long, & did not want to take the time to raise the fixed gantry again, would take a couple of hours to raise it another 20mm. So went to my bit pile and dug out a shorter 1/4" ball/cove bit, Because of the ball it gave me a very nice smooth sloped side instead of the stepped finish of the end mill.
So wondering what the nicest way to do the detail cut, thought about using an 1/8th inch ball instead of the 60 deg bit but was not sure how it would work, if I should leave Easel thinking it was a 60 deg bit, but was already feeling guilty about lying that the rough cut was done with a straight cut end mill, don’t like lying to my machines .
Used the 60 deg bit but set it up higher than the normal start height so that it would not mess up the nice finish of the sides and got sort of what I wanted, but the eye of the P and A were uneven and a bit small. Ideas would be welcome, as my lack of cnc experience is a handicap.
Cheers and thanks for any ideas.

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