Any interest in a Carvey? I've got one for sale! $1400 **SOLD**

Anyone out there interested in buying a Carvey?
I can take pictures and even run a test carve if anyone is interested.

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I might be interested. Pictures would be great. What would be your price?
I’m also glad that someone else has a Carvey.

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@CharlesDonley Sent you a PM.

I am interested and located in Canada, and you.


Hours, and rest of the juicy info please.


@DougAsmussen Still available…sent you a PM. I never heard back from @CharlesDonley

Yes I sent an email and was sure I got no reply,

Am in Canada, maybe that’s why


Hi @DougAsmussen. I removed your email address for privacy reasons.
I will send you an email now.

Still nothing!!!


Still nothing

@DougAsmussen I emailed you yesterday. You emailed back. I responded to your questions via email at 9:53pm Eastern.

Hi @NeilFerreri1 , if you still have the Carvey available PLEASE let me know. I’m currently in need of a desktop router and between the Nomad 883 and Carvey, I think the Carvey will be much more suitable to my needs. Thank you. Email : rich -at- rich lee -dot- c c

Still available?

It is.

Hey Neil, don’t suppose you still have it?

Hi @AjayRaj,
The Carvey is still available.
I have a bunch of extras too.
And depending on what you’re carving, I may have materials.
I’m located in Ohio.

Please send me a PM if you have any questions.


$1600 OBO.
PM with questions.

Still waiting for that offer?

$1400 or best offer.

Tons of extras… Great little quiet, accurate, and enclosed machine!