Any one doing the Rockler plywood Challenge?


Planning to start my entry to the #rocklerplywoodchallange on Friday. I’m doing a plywood carved stool/seat for our entrance hallway. I’m going to use the X carve to cut the various layers which i’ll then glue up and carve to give the final shape. It will be topped off with a seat/top made of toughen blue glass.

Anyone else doing an entry?



run by the Modern Maker podcast guys. Basically 1 sheet of plywood, what can you build. Can be any ply at any thickness just a 8x4 sheet. Can use small amounts of other material but it should be mainly the plywood. Check the hashtag on Instagram #rocklerplywoodchallenge

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I’m in it.


I have been watching what some people have been making, it is pretty cool. Wish I had time right now to participate. Hopefully next time

hello good afternoon as enter the group work carving in plywood.

Got any pictures of your work so far? Whats your instagram handle?

@Alex1380 I have some on Instagram yea. Handle is phillip.danner

I’ll be updating my project thread here this weekend with more shots of the final pieces :slight_smile:

So i finished my entry over the weekend, Its a coffee table made from stacked plywood with a glass top. I cut the layers with the X carve and then a flap disk on the grinder to sculpt the shape.

I also made my first Youtube video!