Any one going to NY Maker Faire 2017?

Any one going to NY maker fair?

I’m going for the whole weekend, and the meetup!
Should be fun!

will be there saturday. driving up from ~willow grove, leaving at 8am. two seats still empty in the truck.

Where is willow grove? Im in NJ very close.

PA, outside Philly…

I’m giving a little talk at Maker Faire NYC on the new book and I’ll be sure to give a shout out to this forum!

We are having the party mentioned above Saturday night with Matter Hackers. It’s intended to promote the book.

The book is written for people who have never carved before. If you’ve been carving for awhile you might enjoy the beginners mindset but your skills will likely surpass what we cover here.

I’ll be walking around the Faire Saturday if anyone wants to meet up.

MF17_NY_Map_Ltr.pdf (1.7 MB)