Any one help my lap top keeps crashing on me and i need to carve this out today can any one please convert this for me into black and white or an svg file

need to carve this logo today as it is a birthday gift for a soldier please can any one help most gratefull


Here is an svg file for you.


What program did you use to make the SVG?


  I used Inkscape.

Can you show us the finished carve of this?

thank you good sir most appreciated you helping us guys your a true gentleman we have one more for you sir if you can use your magic were trying to make this for one of our injured vet can you work your magic on this logo ???

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This is the best I could do. When importing the image is very small. When blowing it up the edges get fuzzy and do not trace well.

thank you sir i have found one but how could i make it a bit 3d if you know what i mean like the original image ?? heres what i have

i cant seem to invert this image on easel as i downloaded and change it into an svg file ??

Making it 3D is a bit harder and requires different software, such as Aspire or Fusion 360 to name two. I do not have either one, so I can’t help you there. One work around might be to copy specific vectors individually, such as just the laurel leaves, and then setting the depth of cut for those vectors at a different height above a cleared surface.

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thank you sir you have been very kind giving up your time for me many thanks again for your help i will send you a picture when completed sir

You don’t have to call me sir. I haven’t been a sir in a very long time (since I wore the uniform in the US Navy). My name is Marc and I am happy to help, wherever I can.

I also recommend contacting Charley Thomas and purchasing his marvelous 3 way zeroing touch plate and software. His thread is elsewhere on this forum.

do you know any of the guys that would have this program marc i would be more than happy to make them something in return i served with the welsh guards for 11 years until i was injured in 2009 in Afghanistan im from the uk thanks again james

James, Thank you for your service and your sacrifice in the Sandbox. I served with some Welsh Guards when I was in the Navy and visited Hong Kong. Great bunch of guys and good to have on your side in a bar fight. There are many people here on the forum that have the proper software and might be willing to help. Some get touchy because of the time it takes and they are professional graphic designers. I have always believed in training the follow on generation and giving back to the future. That having been said, the only thing you can do is just what you’ve done; i.e. ask for help.

So come on guys, I’ve done what I can for this hero of the War on Terrorism. Let’s pay him back a little bit for his sacrifice and help him with his project for another vet. Pay it forward and thank the troops!

Another thing you can do is learn the software. Fusion 360 is free and web based. There are many online tutorials for it. Aspire has a free trial edition and also many online tutorials.

I live in Leicester. If I can help I will. I’m also a veteran