Any suggestions?

I am simply trying to cut a handle shape out of a rectangle piece of wood. I created the shape as a jpeg and imported it and I just want the machine to follow the line so how do I set the cut path? As the line is open ended I cannot use the ‘clear out pocket’, if I set ‘cut outside shape path’ which is what I really want but only one side of the shape it wants to cut around the line. ‘Cut on shape path’ does something similar but closer and ‘cut inside shape path’ seems to work best but it is very picky about what it cuts and doesn’t and that is not what I want. Is there any way to have it follow a line, preferably with one side of the cutter aligning with the line?

I myself would download Inkscape and use the image trace on the jpeg. Then save it as a DXF file. Then import the DXF into Easel. Inkscape is free as opposed to Illustrator.

That works Martin, thanks D.

Edit your design, delete part of the design (inside or outside of the line)
This will result in a SOLID shape, with a new additional edge that you don’t want cut.
Ohh, Set cut path to “outside path” as desired
NOW add a shape, like Rectangle, set that rectangle on TOP of the part you do not want cut, Set cut type to Pocket and depth to ZERO. Size such that it covers up that newly added line to the desgin that you do not want cut along.

Easel uses Layering and this Zero depth trick works to essentially Mask an are to prevent it from being cut.

Still need help? please share the project and I’ll make a video or show some screen captures to show what I’m trying to say to do above…