Any way to get a F608ZZ bearing in Quebec, Canada?


I’ve been looking all day for a replacement F608ZZ bearing (30169-01) here in Quebec, Canada. For some reason this specific bearing seems impossible to find, even from the local SKF distributor.

Ordering one from inventables is my plan C, since shipping would be more expensive than the item. Plan B is to get it from aliexpress, but shipping would be quite slow and in the meantime my Z axis is too imprecise to do anything serious. Any idea for a real plan A?


Any skateboard shops around? They should have them.

Most machine shops ought to have them.

Local Fastenal? U.S. Listing here: they seem to do business in Canada as well.

Those are 608ZZ bearings, not F608ZZ. They lack a 1.5mm flange that is necessary for the x-carve’s z-axis.

That’s one of the frustrating thing. 608ZZ’s practically grow on trees, but the flanged version is very hard to find.

I’d probably just use a 608zz and a washer for the flange.

I don’t think that would work.

The flange is what is holding the bearing in the Z+ direction :

If I compare that to how it looks without the flange :

The bearing can now go right up. (and also down because the holding screws don’t reach it anymore)
I might be able to add washers to those holder screws, but those wouldn’t stop the bearing from spining across the axis formed by the two screw heads.

Also on the top :

The pulley is pretty much right there. Would be hard to find a washer that’s just large enough to provide holding, but not too large that it interferes with the pulley. (Quick look on McMaster : they either barely touch the bearing, or interfere.)


or what about this

bearing block

regards Neal

Edit sorry I didnt read that you found it on aliexpress my apologys


In that case, go back to the original design and use a pair of jam nuts on the threaded rod?

@NealRobinson : Yeah like I said that’s my plan B. Thing is, I’m using the x-carve as a tool for my job, so every day I wait makes me sadder.

@WillAdams : Two things.
First, the jam nuts were a way of securing the rod against the flanged bearing (the jam nut design used a flanged bearing too). That flanged bearing held like it does now, so adding the jam nuts doesn’t solve the issue. You still have a rod-and-bearing assembly flapping in the air.
Also, and that’s some quirky stuff, take a look at the acme lead screw. That second diameter where the pulley sits? That’s not a thread. That’s a ground down acme 3/8-12 thread. Meaning, you can’t screw anything there. So even if you could sandwich the rod between two nuts and oversized washers, you couldn’t, because the top portion is not threaded.

I appreciate your input Will. Helps me put those ideas to the test. I really wish an alternative approach would work, but this piece is just kind of weird.

I meant go back to the old Shapeoko 1 design — no flanged bearing there: — of course, there were good reasons for moving on from that design…

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can you get in tuch whit me please i have my first x carve i am in Montreal thank you merci

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