Any way to thicken line (from imported image) to be at least as wide as the bit?

I do a lot of small (~5"x10") signs that incorporate imported images. In many cases lines within the image are too fine for even the 1/32" bit so Easel just removes them from the cut. Sometimes I can use a V-bit for that but other times, it would just be nice if there was some way to thicken a line within an imported image.
This could be done prior to importing but I haven’t found anything that would do it in GIMP or Photoshop elements.
Either way (pre-processing or within Easel) would be fine with me.
Any suggestions?

I’m not completely clear of what you are asking.

Are you rasterizing an image?

@JDM thanks for responding…
I’m just using Easel’s “Import->Image Trace” tool. Not sure how it works, I just know I can use it to import a JPEG image and voila it shows up in Easel. I’ve used this in many projects.
When the image comes in it is “clean” on the workspace, but the rendered image on the right side shows that some lines will not be cut because they are apparently thinner than my selected bit size diameter (I use the 1/32" bit often).
One way I get around this is just by experimenting with V-bits and the threshold value in “Image Trace”. I’ve also used this technique a few times with GIMP prior to loading the image into Easel. I was just wondering if there were any other ideas that folks use for this.
Or maybe I’m just doing something really stupid!

I wouldn’t use Easel’s image trace. I’d get into Illustrator or Inkscape and make a file. This stuff needs some real human skill. Yeah, it’s going to take some work.

Ed, don’t use Easel’s image trace tool. There are companies who have been in this business for 30 years and still are working on it.,

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