Any X-Carve user in the north Milwaukee area?

I’ll love to be able to get advise in person.

What does north MKE stand for?

Milwaukee? Maybe… …

Sorry, yes it’s Milwaukee, land of Miller Beer and Harley ! :smile:

Hey TotoTiti - I too reside in the land of Beer and Harley. I’m in the Tosa area. I have the large X-Carve on order. Once I get up and running I’d be happy to show you what I have.

Thanks, that will be great ! In cedarburg for me !

Did you ever got your machine running ? :grinning:

I did! Though… the machine is at my mom’s place currently. We’re looking for our first house so I can finally have my workshop all in one place. I’ll reach out early next year if you want to come check it out.