Anybody ever make a hanging paper tray?

Anyone ever make hanging paper dividers kind of like these?

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I think that definitely qualifies for the things made easier on the table/miter saw…:wink:

If I were to do simple face gluing like these it would be faster to cut on the table saw, but I was thinking more of having it cut with hooks (or I’m not sure of the right term) but where the customer could easily assemble it themselves, thus saving significantly on shipping. Plus, if I cut it out on the XC I can easily customize them for the customer which is a big part of our business.

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The XC really is an employee for me and we tag team everything. He cuts and I sand. It’s a very profitable relationship- literally. We have significantly increased our margins using the machine because of far less labor. Even if the XC takes twice as long to cut something, it doesn’t really matter and it saves “me” time.


The one in the bottom pic would be easy to make using tenons, like this.

It’s a beer flight carrier I made for a local restaurant.

Yeah that’s kind of the idea, though i was thinking the bottom one could be done by carving slanting grooves in the sides to hold the slats.

For sure that would work, sort of like a louvered shutter. But how to hold the assembly together? The flight box is only held together with 2 short pins in the holes in the thru tenons. There are so many joinery options, having and using the X-Carve has made me re-think so much.

Very true about the XC. As to the divider I think a top and bottom with pre-drilled holes would be easy to assemble and sufficient to hold it all together. Everything would line up nice and easy if it were designed and cut properly.