Anyone Around Greenville, SC willing to help?

Is there anyone around Greenville, SC who would be willing to help me diagnose and fix the problem with my 1000x1000 X-Carve. The machine keeps shifting during the carves and we have checked everything:
Checked Belt Tightness
Checked and Adjusted V-Wheels
Checked Rail for spacing anomalies
Tightened Z Axis
Checked G-Shield Mounting
Adjusted Potentiometers
Cleaned Everything
Marked the Front Facing V-Wheels with a paint pen so we can see if any are skipping
Checked to make sure the material is secured
We are at a loss and are in need of help.

From the picture, I can’t see what the issue is…please describe it…

It is an imgur album, but Inventables only shows the first picture, click on it and it will link you to the rest.

What size bit, depth of cut, feedrate, plunge rate and software did you use?

1/8, .028" deep, 32 ipm, Whatever easel default is, and Easel

Those settings are fine…if a bit slow. You are losing steps in what appears the X-Axis. Check that again, belts, v-wheels, potentiometers and pulley set screws.

Dewalt router?

Will do. Yes, we have a dewalt 611

I was actually going to drive to Greenville tomorrow, but I can’t now…sorry. I’m just south of you in Augusta, GA.

It is not a problem. We will check those tomorrow.

Definitely recheck your potentiometers
They are either too higher and your motors are stalling. Or too low and they are missing steps.

Do you have a fan on your GShield? Over heating will cause the drivers to over heat, stalling your motors.

If you follow Manhatten wood projects potentiometer video you can find the sweet spot between missing steps and stalling.
Stalling is easy to detect. Basically the motors hum and stop moving.

Another area to check:
Your pulleys are loose on the motor shafts.
Mark the pulleys with a sharpie pen.
Be sure to mark the shaft as well.
Just a small line along the radius.
If they are no longer aligned then you know the pulleys slipped.
File flat spots on the motor shafts to prevent this.

We do have the fan on the machine, what is the best way to see if it is facing the right way? We will also look at the pulleys as well.

We managed to hopefully fix it. Our fan was blowing out and in one of our attempts to fix the V-Wheels being too loose and not moving, we over tightened them to the point that any irregularity in the wheels or dirt on the rails would cause the wheels to jump.

don’t mind the angle of the cut, we mounted it wrong


Hey Erik. Glad to see there is someone close by with an X-Carve. I’ve had mine for a couple months now and love it. Chris in Jackson, SC.

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Very nice…I’ve had mine for almost a year now…I love it!