Anyone done a rotary axis on the PRO yet?

I am in need of setting up a rotary axis on my xcarve pro. Has anyone done this yet or am I on my own to figure this setup out? Any info would be very helpfull.

You might find some documentation for a few people showing what they did on their Xcarve, but likely nothing for the Pro, it’s just too new and too few people owning one, and then less people doing mods like that.

For the most part you’d need to clamp one axis on place (normally the Y axis is clamped for this) and then you’d disconnect the Y steppers and connect the rotary up to the controller for one of the Y connections, then you’d change the calibration from steps/mm for the stock machine to steps/rotation for the rotary. And you’d be off to the races…

Now the tough question
Would doing this technically void the warranty? Probably

i would like to do this also
am in need to make bench legs that match existing chair leg designs. i redo and build new furniture. mainly larger pieces like tables, buffets, ect…
anyone successful on adding a 4th axis to the xcarve pro yet?

What CAD program are you designing in? I think this could be set up as a four sided job.

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