Anyone ever use a Flat Lettering Bit?

I was doing some thinking about a lettering carve I’m working on, it’s fairly simple and right now I’m prototyping with a standard 90 degree V bit. But I did some digging around and there are CNC bit that are V, but the bottoms are slightly flatted vs being pointy. I guess the idea is that it remove more material, which makes sense. Does anyone have experience with these?

Here’s a picture I found of one bit and a link to another.

you can easily use this bit in Other software, like Vetric, Carveco, or Fusion360. BUT easel is not setup to properly create toolpaths for this style bit… There is a way to trick easel by using a gapping tool to account for the lack of a pointed tip when setting Z zero BUT that bit will not produce sharp corners in the project at all since it lacks the tip needed to do so…

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Ok. Good to know! C’mon Inventibles. Get on this. This would be huge for sign makers.

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