Anyone in Raleigh, NC own the X-Carve?


I am interested in purchasing the X-Carve, but have seen quite a few issues with them on the forum and don’t want to spend $1300 on something that I will have to troubleshoot often.

Does anyone in the Raleigh, NC area own an X-Carve and if so, would you be willing to show me a short demo and give your thoughts on its overall performance?

Doug Brown

I’m in GA, no where near you, but I can tell you something. Yes, the first time put the machine all together, we almost all have some difficult times. This forum helping each other to find, understand ant take necessary steps to make things work. I had issues at the beginning as well, after understanding importance of the alignments, adjustments this machine became part of my life. It’s been about two months, I’m not touching for fix. And I believe that I will not have to fix again for long time. It is nice handy equipment, if you choose strong spindle option when you’re ordering, I thing for this price range, this equipment is the winner. Customer service is the most. I’m happy with my X-Carve. It is work horse.

im in raleigh NC. i was in the same boat as you a few months ago. i wouldnt mind showing you my machine.

Hey David!

That sounds great. I’m surprised I found someone close to me that has one!

Can you tell me more about what you use yours for? You can email me directly and we can set up a time to get together.


If you and David aren’t able to get together, I’d also be happy to show you my machine as long as you promise not to hold my mess garage, err, workshop against me. :smile:

I live in Wake Forest and have the 1000mm machine with a DW611. I’m really just getting started with it.

great to see you so close. did you upgrade to the dewalt or just start with the dewalt?

I originally ordered it with the stock 300W spindle, but canceled that part of the order and bought the DW611 and mount before my X-Carve shipped, so that’s all I’ve ever used. The horror stories on the forums about failure and electrical noise from the stock spindle scared me off. Pretty happy with the decision, the DW611 is a beast.

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Sometimes really beast, if you have cheap aftermarket bit from nowhere. Dewalt only does good job depends on your Bit quality, proper Feed rate and Depth. I can say cuts about 5 times faster and deeper at once if you compare with stock spindle. But always some limitations. You better check your Bank account, you need real bits for this operation.

i rigged mine to work with my dremel 3000 and like the results. i finally hooked up my stock spindle and im very disappointed. im placing the order for the DW611 mount right now. whats the size of the collet on the DW611? i might just hold onto my stock spindle.

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It is 1/4" Colette on it. But 1/8 Colette doesn’t cost much for it. I think I purchased for $19.

Hi Mark.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I’d really like to see the X-Carve in action and get your thoughts.

Do you have time next week that I could come by and check it out?