Anyone in Toronto GTA?

Looking for someone to help me with the calibration of my x carve and just trouble shoot with me as I am new to this and have hit a brick wall, getting really frustrated . Will pay whatever you think your time is worth.

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I’m new here I didn’t know that, but is it really that serious mentioning something?

Well if you are in Toronto then you are in the greater Toronto area, it’s Toronto.and all the small surrounding cities that are in reasonable driving distance.

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I wouldn’t worry about it to much Mathew, it takes a while to pick up on forum etiquette. I wouldn’t worry about a city name either. Most people I speak to outside the GTA, don’t even know that there is a “Toronto”. They figure Toronto and GTA are the same thing.

Wish I was closer, I could give you a hand, but I’m a few hours east of the GTA. Once you figure out the basics of what Gcode is and how it talks to your machine, ie Machine Inspector, it gets easier.

Here is a pretty good thread

I am by no means an expert, and I am still struggling to figure a lot of this stuff out. But if you have any specific questions, shoot me a PM. Maybe we can set up a chat on the phone.


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@MatthewRoberts What do you need help with? More likely you’ll get help from the forum if you ask specific questions.

@JustinBusby I don’t get why you are so concerned about what canadians call the area that they live in, this post was clearly made for canadians, and they will know exactly what I mean. But yea don’t take life so seriously it’s short lots more going on in the world than what canadians call there place of residence

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@Darrin yea that would have been great pitty you don’t live closer, will forsure take you up on that offer but at this stage I just want to pay someone to get me going, I own a wood working bussiness and this is my new addition to the shop so kind of need to get it going asap

Yea I have tried, guys on here are really helpful and have tried there best to help me out but I just can’t seem to get it, so just want to pay and get someone to sort it out quick then I can watch them do it and hopefully won’t need help again

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sure let me know what help you need. x-carve is one of the smaller of my cnc machines. My other units are running mach 3 cnc. I run Easel on the x-carve. Let me know how I can help I’m located in the London Ontario are. We could communicate via the internet.



Hi John that would be great, do you have a personal number or email I can reach you on? That you could send to my inbox

The bulk of replies to this post are exactly the reason I’m done with this forum. The man asks for help, and instead of assistance he gets lectures about cross posting and criticized about his terminology for his geographic location.

Why did he cross post, because nobody offered anything at all, why, I’d venture to guess that’s because most are either only interested in getting answers and not offering them, or they just lurk here looking to stir up trouble.

I’ve been helping Matthew, but you can only do so much remotely, the man is offering to PAY for help and rather than support like we USED to have on this forum, we have people tearing others down.

Where are the moderators?

@Zach_Kaplan et al, please remove my account. I don’t care if you leave my old posts, and please note my reason as “thoroughly disgusted with what this forum has become”.

Everyone who gives a damn, and helps out, God bless, thank you, and keep it up! Trolls etc… you reap what you sow.

PS. Anyone who feels the need to respond to me with more negativity, have at it, just know I’ll never read it.

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Matthew, I’m rather new here but I get your frustrations. I spent a good amount of time trying to glean the information on setting up my X controller to the Xcarve updates. With the Shapeoko2, there was a list provided, and you just changed the details in the $$ menu. If you can get the machine wired properly and set up to use Easel, then the Easel setup will help take your through some of that.

There was a list of parameters on one website that was helpful to me. This forum was helpful when searching for answers to particular questions. I bet if you ask some specific questions about the situation, you’d be up and running in no time. I found this helpful with the GRBL settings. I printed it out to be able to have it in my hand in front of the x carve. This helped set up the computer. I’m using UGS myself:

I found that the wiring was critical to getting everything to operate. Make sure the wiring harnesses are correct and that you have adequate connections to the terminal plugs. If one wire gets pulled sideways a bit, the connection may look OK, but not work.

What is needed is a one stop set up manual ( xcarve for dummies) with all the information in one place for a standard X carve system with limit switches and the rest of the updates. My biggest complaint is that the photos of black anodized parts against black anodized parts don’t necessarily show up that well and could stand some different contrast settings I think. I thought the assembly instructions were pretty nice with those two exceptions; photos and having to search the universe for answers that should have been provided in the instructions.

Once you get the machine running you can tweak some of the numbers to improve accuracy.

Hi Matthew you can email me at : .