Anyone interested in a weekly Inventables Google+ Hangout?

Didn’t have speakers on. Since the video worked I just assumed that audio worked.

OK you could see my ugly mug :grin:

Hey, I try not to be judgmental :smiley:

Looked like a peaceful afternoon at home.

Larry I just discovered that we can also do live type chatting with the Hang out, If you come back on and click on the chit Icon it opens a chat section where you can type


Going off line in the hangout


sounds awesome going to try and see you then!

If anyone wants to give it a try, I’m in a hangout here:

I’ll be on for at least an hour, and likely longer as I clean my shop up a bit.


I think this is the correct link:

Now that was fun for the last 3.5 hours. Good talking with every one.



I’m up for live Hangouts.

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I dont have a mic or camera for my laptops (house and shop)

Looks like I need to upgrade!

I don’t have a mic or camera either, but you can still participate. You can see and hear everyone that has a camera/mic and there is a “chat” function that you can use to interact using text. I tried it last night and it worked well.

If anyone is looking for a good headset to use with our Google Hangouts, I have the Logitech Wireless Headset H600 and love it. Over the past month its worked flawlessly on my Mac, Mint Linux and Windows 8 computers. No wires so I can roam the shop while doing a hangout.

I DO NOT work for Logitech, just a happy customer :wink:

Ok guys, here’s the link for this Saturday’s Google+ Hangout. Let me know if you have any problems. I created a new G+ and associated YouTube account so all hangout videos will be saved to that account. There’s nothing on either page yet but I’ll be working on that over the next few days.

Google only allows 10 people to be part of the video hangout so if you want in, get in early. I need to figure out a better way to manage this…

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Ive used Zoom before. you get up to 25ppl at once on the free account however they limit your time to 40mins before kicking you all off on the free version. if you pay 9.99 per host per month you get unlimited duration calls with the same 25ppl cap. see for yourself. there is both a web interface and a desktop client as well as a mobile client. let me know if you want to try a zoom meeting to see how it works!

screen shareing, video, chat, document sharing all the features you would expect

I ordered one and just waiting for it to arrive. It will not arrive until the 15th :cry:


Andrew does that mean the one hosting the call need to be a paid sub. would that meany people be manageable with the free form discussion we had on Monday.


well with Zoom the one starting the meeting can be free but that limits you to 25 people and 40mins per call (you can start new calls all you want but everyone has to reconnect) if the host (person that starts the meeting) is a paid user then there is no time limit on the call and depending on the tier the participant limit may be higher as well. the more you pay the more you get with Zoom. all free services have pro’s and con’s

sitting in the hangout waiting

I think I’m in. :laughing: