Anyone interested in a weekly Inventables Google+ Hangout?

do we have a problem with the hangout

Did the link work for you

No idea.

just talked with John and hes stuck in traffic delay start 10-15min hang in there guys!

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You gota hate traffic


but it gives me time to play with my stripper

Everyone, use the above link from @AndrewBishop and join the call

Sorry John, I was using my iPad, ran out of battery.

Well thats too bad, I was wondering what happened to you. Were still on if you have another computer…

Other computer having microfon problem. i ordered headset as you recomended from Amazon, waiting. Good night to everyone on board. Next time.

I would have been on but I was in a parade. Seriously. Wife and kids tossing candy and frisbees me driving the propane truck.

I’ll have to watch for the next event here.


Are we going to hangout on this Saturday at 5 pm PDT.


Yes we are Dave. With one exception, I’m going to start it at 6:00pm pacific rather than 5. I do all the cooking in the family so I’d like to get that done before we get going :wink:

I think I sent you a Google+ hangout invite as well so check for it and let me know.

The link should be here

That means I’ll be blabbing until 1 AM here. :laughing:

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LOL,. Sorry about that Tony. I think maybe next week we should try do one around noon pacific time and see if that works any better for everyone. We can talk about that Saturday.

If we do noon PDT that would help those in the UK and western Europe. The UK is 8 hours ahead of the Pacific coast so that would make it 8pm there time.


So are we hanging tonight?

Four in now.