Anyone make a tigger?

I would like to make a nice looking tigger in easel. Has anyone made one or know where I could get an stl for this?

Just trying to make something my fiancé would like. Get her excited about me having it. Lol

This has potential…

i thought you said trigger… not tigger… I actually had one, but not specifically for any gun…


@BryanSheets D’oh! I was thing of a “trigger” also…

If I get a chance later, I’ll have a look around. What would you use to import the image? (Easel, VCarve, MeshCam etc).

Double D’oh! I re read the original post and saw Easel.
Will see what I can find…

Lol it’s ok. She is a huge tigger fan. So I want to make something nice for her. I could make her a tigger trigger. But I don’t think a wooden trigger would be good for her ar15. Lol

Hey @BryanSheets,

Keep in mind that with the new vectorizing gadget, you don’t have to limit yourself to finding an STL. You can find any image and convert it to an SVG online. Although the one that @TonyNo posted is sweet.


I thought a tigger was full of stuff. you only showed what was on the outside, haha

Here’s a Tigger I made a while back. You can import this g-code into Easel. The project is square 8 inches and .25 inch depth. It needs to be run with a 1/16 ball nose pencil shaped carving bit. (575.5 KB)


Hi Alan,

Just wondering if you have this in a STL file? I have a Snapmaker and it doesn’t know what to do with a .cn file :frowning: