Anyone moving on to larger machines such as the new 4x4 unit

Are any X-carve users thinking about moving on to a larger machine such as the new 4’x4’ unit or another manufacturer? Comments and thoughts? I am only a hobbyist.

My Techno Isel has a working area of aboug 11.5" X 10.2" or about 300mm X 250mm. Small machines really rock precision. That said, there are days when I would like to be able to cut on a 4’ X8’ sheet of plywood.

I think CNC machines are a lot like boats. You get 2’itis and want to upgrade to a larger machine.

Keep in mind that as you go big you start to lose the fine precision of the smaller machines.

I have so much more to learn about carving before I would even consider an upgrade that expensive.

i have my original 1000x1000… and just built a nasty one… but smaller… 850x600… for non-ferrous metals, and really plowing wood. i had originally planned to extend my original machine to 1000x2000, and could have, for less money than i spent on the smaller one… but i decided that bigger isn’t always better… especially in a 14x24 shop.