Anyone order an X-Carve in the last month?

Good afternoon everyone.

I am brand new to this forum and wish to say hello to everyone.

I purchased a 1000mm jobber on the 25th of October and I am currently waiting on the controller which has been back ordered.

Expected ship date is the 15th of November.

Anyone have this happen to them?


Inventables does not have a large production facility. A number of us have experienced back-order issues in the past. We tend to be patient as the customer service makes up for the wait.

I ordered mine from Robosavvy in the uk at the start of September and only got mine last week. Waiting can be hard but use the time to do as much research as you can. I was wishing the days away , I don’t know why because I still have it sitting in my room in parts trying to get the time to build it. I had to build a torsion top workbench and enclosure which I wish I done while waiting for delivery. Plus I have yet to learn the software and design side of things :thinking:


Wow. I don’t know how you can just let it sit in a room and not build it lol. I am OCD on that part. Mine was built within a few days but getting the parts has been the challenge. I just spoke with them via email and although the customer service is top notch it looks like it will be about a month since I placed the order for me to get the control box and the clamps.

Be it not the end of the world that is way to long for the money spent.

If they ever make a larger one than the one I bought I will be calling and asking if it’s all in stock before I order.

Kind of frustrated looking at this thing all ready to rock and missing the controller.

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I feel for you. I’m kind of use to the waiting tho. I have ordered a few cars from Japan and waiting for them to get to Ireland felt like years compared to the x carve.

My x carve was mostly together in my room. I just didn’t assemble it to the waste board. I have a spiral staircase and I would have never got it back down to the garage.

Ha love it. Reminds me of this guy :l:rofl:

Sorry for hijacking your thread Ronald