Anyone try this router

Does anyone know if the Makita® RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router would work with the X-Carve and if so will they be offering an attachment or would I have to make my own? (better yet do any of the other attachments work?)

What is the diameter of the metal cylinder?

Looks like its 2.55" (64.77mm).
Link to the source.

I use the Makita RT0701 and love it. I used the mounts that I believe are for the DW660 trim router and it fits perfectly. I also had a dust shoe that was specifically designed for the RT0701 3D printed.

Our DW660 mount looks close, but probably too tight. We don’t have a Makita to try. I would not recommend it until someone can confirm the fit.

The DW660 is supposed to be <63mm in diameter (well, that’s the inner diameter of the plastic mounts which I.C. was selling) — while one might be able to make a plastic mount expand to fit the Makita (nominally 65mm, I measured mine at 64.77mm), an aluminum mount sized for the DW660 is unlikely to be able to expand enough to accommodate it.

In addition to the Makita, you may wish to consider the MLCS Rocky 30 trim router which is available from MLCS Woodworking (and they’ve been selling it on Amazon). It seems to be a re-badged Makita RT-0701, but in black. Either way you’ll want to get an Elaire Corp. precision collet for it if you want to use endmills other than the 1/4" size which the stock collet fits.

The mounts I use for my Makita are the plastic milled ones that used to be sold at I also bought an additional collet from Amazon to allow me to use 1/8 inch endmills.

if we do not take spindle with xcarve you need a mounting plate ? something else?

@Yazork You would need this plate. It is the carriage for the wheels and has the mounts for the lead screw nut. It has holes to mount a fabricated mount for a spindle.

You might be able to make your own if you have access to some CNC tools…before you finish the X-Carve :slight_smile: