Anyone Use CNC4Newbie Ultimate Upgrade Kit - Need Help

I recently put together the CNC4Newbie Ultimate Upgrade Kit with 269oz motors. I tried to install the motors utilizing the wires that came with the original X-Carve motors, but the wire colors between the two motors are different. Any wiring advice anyone may have would be greatly appreciated as I now have a very expensive paperweight.

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To identify which 2 and 2 wires that form one pair use a voltmeter, probe for continuity. The two wires that form one pair will conduct, the other two is the other pair.

Connect the first pair, next to eachother and the other pair in the two remaining slots.
If the Z-stepper move in the wrong direction swap any one wire pair around.

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Thank you, I got the motors wired correctly.

New issue though. When I run the machine set-up wizard, the machine will go through the homing process correctly, however, all motors stop working as soon as homing is complete.

Open Easel-Machine Inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+D)
Does it display an alarm state?

When homing the sequence is as follows:

  • Tap Z-switch once, pull off 1mm then tap again at a slower rate (= double tap)
  • Tap X & Y once, pull off and tap 2nd time

If these steps are completed you will be able to jog around/carve.
If these steps are not completed an alarm state will present.

Hi Greg,
I too am seriously thinking about the Ultimate Upgrade Kit. Would you be so kind to share any other issues I should be concerned about?

I have been searching for reviews on this kit. Does anyone have an opinion? Pros-Cons

I bought the 1045(1000mm x 1450mm or 36"x52") kit from them a few months back and i absolutely love it. I didnt have any issues putting it together or getting it running. It comes in 3 main pieces and is very easy to assemble. Since the machine now uses lead screws its not as fast during rapids which on a big project can take up extra time but thats not a big deal to me. It cuts aluminum very well. I am working on getting those speeds and feeds up i ran a basic carve i think it was a square 40 ipm 12k rpm 1/8 doc on a .25 inch single flute amana aluminum bit and had some great chips flying off a little chatter but that was on me workholding wants very good. I think its worth it though another user may not. Having that large of a cutting area is so nice!