Anyone using a Oneida Super Dust Deputy with a dust collector?

Now that I have a bigger machine I’m putting out tons more chips. I have been very happy with my smaller Dust Deputy and shop vac, but this combo is not sufficient for the Stinger. Has anyone tried the Super Dust Deputy with a dust collector? It’s seems like a ton of money for the plastic parts, but I know how well the smaller one works, and I figure I can save money by buying a simpler dust collector.

I know there is no need, but the Dust Deputy saves work in knocking out your bag and keeps the dc from losing suction as the bag fills with particulates.

Plus I really don’t want one of the collectors with the double bag system, they are too huge for my space.

The collector I have now that is connected to my flap sander and belt sander is a single bag style and I ditched the bag and ran it out the window, it’s works way better without that restriction and I never have to clean it.

But those tools make pretty fine dust that doesn’t amount to anything outside. My CNC will make a mountain, so I have to catch the chips first.

Has anyone tried the Super Dust Deputy with a dust collector?

I’ve got one running on a dust collector. Works just as well as the smaller version. Also have it piped to my other machines with blast gates.

Yeah, just based on how much I like the smaller versions I went ahead and bought the whole setup this morning with another Grizzly 1 hp single bag dust collector. I hope the collector is sufficient, but they don’t make them any larger in a single bag setup.

I have had good luck with my dust collector I don’t use a dust deputy type deal either idk seems to work good for me

I think as long as your not sucking up aluminum chips you should be fine on the dust collector I do know that if your worried about puncturing a hole in the bag you can replace the bag with a metal barrel

Don’t think you can replace the filter bag with a metal barrel. Air needs to flow through the bag in order for the dust collector to work.

If you do any volume work, the DD is a worthwhile investment. I have one that dumps in to a 50 gallon drum and leaves the dust collector’s filter and collection bag very clean. Aside from easier clean up and disposal, the DD keeps the suction flow at a peak level because the majority of dust never makes it to the collector’s filter.

Aside from keeping your work area clean, a good dust collection system is important to get the fines out of the air which will do the most damage to your respiratory system over time. The fine dust created when working with MDF is a good example of what you are breathing in if you don’t have proper air filtration.

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oh yeah no I meant the bottom plastic bag lol not the top one

I just use the rockler 4" parts with a plastic garbage can. It gets a lot of the extra chips and dust.

Dust Deputy Seems to work well on my XC arve 1000mm
The only danger is fines WILL Clog your shop vac filter, before the Dust Deputy is full!

That’s interesting. I’ve been running the regular Dust Deputy on my X-Carve for months without much build up in the filter. I actually just cleaned it out yesterday for the first time.

Are you sure you chip load is right?

I know cutting alot of mdf will clog the filters no matter what you do its really hard to get a chip on mdf

I’ve found the “issue” to be aware of a is the level of waste in your receptacle. If it gets at/above 1/2 full you see a dramatic decrease in its ability to separate the solids from the air stream. Keep it below and I havent seen the issue of the solids clogging the filter or lines. Just my experience…

what do you mean by “chip load?”

chip load is basically how much material is removed by each cutting edge of the end mill

I am working in pine boards using the “soft maple” wood setting

Honestly I would not worry to much as chip loads and things being a problem with dust collection its not really going to matter

you have dust thats produced by cutting mdf and chips getting produced when cutting other materials at the proper speeds

the speeds pre set in easel are a good starting point but are very modest and in the long run will lead to shorter tool life

I am going to be making a video that goes into lots of detail about end mills and the proper way to cut with them

but yeah I wouldn’t really worry about that for dust collection purposes unless you are cutting something like aluminum in which case you don’t want to be using standard dust collection equipment anyways

be sure and stay tuned to the channel I hope to have the video out soon

Have you seen this?