Anyone using the Makita RT0701C router?

Yeah, a spindle affords a lot more flexibility w/ ER collets.

In metric countries, there are more collets available than the standard 1/4" / 6.35mm collet which is standard in the U.S. — this seems to vary somewhat based on the standards of the country in question.

If you know someone in the U.S., or you’re willing to look at a shipping service you might want to look into the Elaire precision collets which are quite nice (I have both the 1/8" and 1/4").

The adapters work, but introduce another potential point of failure and additional runout as well as usually not being balanced in design (single slit) at the smaller sizes. I used one on a Harbor Freight 1/4" trim router for a while, but cuts w/ the Makita and Elaire collet are much cleaner.

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Hi Greg,

Makita is going very well indeed. I bought some spare brushes the other day, just in case. No sign of wear on the existing ones. The router mount I got from does a great job and the 30 second X-axis stiffening mode does help. ER collest in the router would be nice!

FYI I do have a spare (new) Elaire 1/8" collet for the Makita. Price is $A30 plus postage - around $A8