Anyone using the Triquerta CNC 3 axis touch plate

Is anyone using the Triquerta 3 axis touch plate? I have one but I have not used my machine in over a year and a half while I was building a new hobby space.

Changed the computer and need the software.

I went to the Triquerta web store and placed an order for the software. The store dutifully took my money and sent me an email with a download link. The link comes back “file not found”. I emailed them but no response.

Anyone know if they add still in business?

@CharleyThomas was an active member here for some time. I’ve included him in this so hopefully he will see this and respond. Haven’t seen him in a while but that doesn’t mean he is not around. Surprised there was no response. Aside from his great product, customer service was his gift. Hopefully you get your solution soon.

I sent you a direct download link in a reply to your email. The problem we are having is almost every time our web server updates our website software (word press) some of the download links get corrupted If you are still unable to get the software let me know and I will create a download in drop box that will work.

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