Anyone wanting to go professional?

I launched this new product last month and I realise I’ll never keep up if it takes off. I’m already struggling to keep up with orders as it is. And they’re not cheap. So, my question is - how do I expand?

First up - this is the product

or rather, this is the first model of many that I can develop under the patent. (It’s a guitar attachment for disabled people and lazy people.)

There are 130+ parts - many cut out on my X-Carve. They take a long time to cut and finish (sand and oil).

I don’t want to set up a factory and employ people (that would seriously cut into my hammock time), so I asked around 100 guitar manufacturers if they wanted to make them under license. No takers so far.

If someone here in Ireland (or near by) wanted to make the parts, that might work (anyone?). But ideally, I’d like someone to take on the whole project and all the potential products (for guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, etc.) and just pay me a royalty. I have lots more ideas I want to explore - but here’s one that could make a few of us a living.

There’s a comprehensive patent pending and enormous scope for a good business in the right hands (around 20 million guitars are sold annually) - anyone interested? Or any other ideas? Thanks! Tim


Its nice you have a thriving business.
I am waiting for my ship to sail.
I do not live there or I would consider the offer.


Similar to the product I saw on Shark Tank…think it was called the Chord Buddy

Even as neat as it is and good you are making the sales the problem with the aspect of it being a massive hit is that so many guitars being sold are to mostly people that physically play the guitar and would never use this device it is not a trainer or anything you would use other than for people unable to currently use a guitar. This market is there but much much narrower and if there were a similar item already on Shark tank then the patent is going to be a rough one to get. It also sounds way to build intensive to be something to make money enough as a 3rd party to support making and selling for a profit and giving a royalty on each piece to you. It is very cool that you are selling them with some amount of success tho! And good luck I know many people that are trying to get an item to sell tons of and retire - not so easy these days when the item can be scalped in China and mass produced after just one prototype is sold…

Heres the link to Chord Buddy. Except with it, you can learn the chords by removing parts of the mechanism.

Thanks everyone,

  1. It’s nothing like the Chordbuddy. It works on a completely different principle. It has advantages and disadvantages (many more chords are possible with mine, it’s easier to operate so it’s better suited for people with disabilities, but it’s also more expensive).
  2. There have been hundreds of patents issued over the last 100+ years for devises that make chords – but mine differs from all of them. That’s why I’m applying for a new patent. (I’ve been working on this for 11 years – I think I know what’s already out there!)
  3. I already have a product I designed that is made and sold by a third party – neither of us get rich with it, but it’s a lot better than nothing. And it gives me time to work on other projects (our YouTube channel for one thing )
  4. I have no idea how big a market there is for this – but the interest is there, for sure. Mostly from people who can’t play any other way. I’m not suggesting we’d sell millions – just that guitars are extremely popular around the world and even a tiny fraction of a percent of their sales would be plenty to keep us going.
  5. I think the X-Carve is brilliant and I know it can make the parts I need – so it seemed sensible to ask here whether any other users wanted to join in the business, that’s all.

(p.s. Another order came in while I was typing this!)