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API version 2.0

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to announce that we’ve released a new version of the Easel developer APIs. The new version offers significantly more flexibility in working with and creating Easel designs. You can view the documentation for the new version here:

As we continue to flesh out the 2.0 behaviors (especially the Easel “helper” functions), we are still making 1.0 the default version for new apps. To try out 2.0, just select it from the dropdown:

Please let us know what you think!


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Maybe consider making the returned volume, if tabPreference is true, but the rest of the tab information is empty, make Easel to apply a default tab setup. This would allow Easel to have a default new tab behaviour, and apps not have to worry about implementing tab controls unless it needed to.

Hmm… That is how it is supposed to work, I think. Have you tried it?

No, I was just going through the docs. As it’s currently documented, I took it as you have to not only say use tabs, but also provide the width/height and the array of locations for the tabs.

I would like to propose an enhancement to the properties config of an app.

What about adding an optional “help” or “description” attribute, that would render the provided text below the specific input. This will help inform the user of what that input does. Currently I am trying something similar using the app description:

With the new option that could be:

Obviously, styling would change to match the app (just a quick photoshop mock).
I think this is a better experience for the user.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the suggestion. I think help fields on labels make a lot of sense. We will consider this for a future version of the framework.