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App Approval

how long does it normally take to get approval to be able to make apps. I fileld in the form last week, and I haven’t heard anything yet,



Hi @AndyPreston,

Sorry for the delay. I reviewed your application and have set you up for early access. Can’t wait to see what you make!


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Where does one get the application to fill out? Or am I reading this wrong.

I want to be able to embed Easel into my website for people to design their product with limited features. (for example, they are given a text box to enter text into that displays a preset preview of the work area to them).

Hi Larry,

The Easel app framework is for building apps that live inside Easel and give users the ability to create specialized designs. It cannot be used for embedding Easel into other sites.


Thanks @JeffTalbot.
Is there an API in the works?
I am going to attempt to bridge the gap with my ecommerce store but I want to cut out a couple of steps so that when I start my day and have orders waiting, I already have a folder with files to send over to easel for cutting out. (or already saved in my inventables easel folder)

Also I would love to build an App for easel. Maybe something like a hammer tenon joint - box maker?\

The Easel API docs live at

You can apply for access here: