APP Library

First time user here. I’ve found a number of references to APPs in the forum and even seen screenshots of an APP Library in videos. What I haven’t found is a link to the APP Library.

Can anyone help me with a link to the library a list of APP links?

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It’s the lego looking button on the left side
If you hover over these buttons there’s a name that pops up too :slight_smile:


Thanks Seth, soon as I read your reply I remembered coming across that button on one of several late nights spent learning about X-Carve/Easel. Guess I was expecting a more extensive library. I’m going to guess that many other people design in a different program and import files into easel to print.

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For the most part, yeah unless its basic text, or basic combining of existing designs
I head over to Inkscape for graphics design and then save as .svg and import that to easel to setup toolpaths.