Apps in Easel: Vectorizing images


but to be honest, the apps you did’nt expect are the most awesome ones often;)

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Definitely v-carving, and the drag knife would be excellent also!

This is yet another exciting development from you guys at Inventables! I can’t wait for my machine to get here!

Second for the gear designer.


Make that 3 for the gear designer!


There is a great gear generator with SVG export at:


As a developer I’m really happy to hear about this. Being able to build the tools to build the end result always feels great. :smile:

I’m assuming that eventually Easel will have a published API we can hang apps from?

As for apps I would like to see?

  1. V-Carving (and the related engraving side)
  2. Another vote for the gears (I love
  3. And a similar to gears, a “digital joints” app that allows addition of carvable joints to projects for things like box making. see: (and more on the subject:
  4. Some form of measuring tool that allows accurate placement of features and accurate sizing of said features.

This is exciting news, I am really glad I took the leap to get an X-Carve, it seems the whole ecosystem gets better and more exciting everyday.




Love it!

I think hiding it in the icon menu is not at all intuitive.

I’d like to see some sort of easy box/joint generator. There are a few free “box” generators that will create all 6 sides. I actually contacted @Paulkaplan to get his planter box generator back online because I liked it better than some of the others

Personally, I’d like to be able to take 2 objects with straight sides and be able to select how many joints or size of joints (and I’m talking basic finger joints) that would match them together with the right slots to make them join correctly at 90 degrees.


That’s a solid idea. Since Easel would already know the height of the material, it seems like it would be a pretty straightforward thing to calculate.

Agreed. We are working on this. Stay tuned.


I signed up for access to this feature yesterday, but it seems to not be present in my Easel.

For reference, there is a good t-slot box generator here:

I’m in the same boat. I am looking forward to giving this a try. Was there more we needed to do besides sign up and verify the email?

I didn’t think so, hmmmm.

It is a bit hidden under the Design Library icon

Looks like I may not be turned on yet. This is what mine looks like

I’ll check it again later.


I did not know there were other design items under the smiley face till I was looking for the new apps selection.

Mine is the same.

Hi guys,

Sorry we have to manually do it after you submit your email. I’ve just updated everyone who has recently submitted the form. You should now see “Apps” appear inside the design library.

Thanks Paul - It is there now. I will play with it over the next few days and let you know how it works for me!