Ar-15 speed loader project share (easel)

I refuse. I already spend enough $ on ammo. Making mags faster and easy to load means I’ll shoot more lol


This is awesome. I made one last year before I had the x carve. It never worked as good as I hoped. I am going to try this design

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Great work Phil! Looks awesome

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Thanks @PhilJohnson I started one of these and never finished it. now you did all the hard work and shared it. I know several friends that are going to want one of these.

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I just made one! Now someone ship me an AR-15 to Canada so I can test it out! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t you just 3d print one like everyone else? :smile:

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Can you explain the parts and their purpose. I’ve seen them on YouTube videos. But before I cut out, curious as to how it will function.

Is this for a 10 round? Looks awfully small

It looks about 5" or less. I know 30 round (standard) is around 7.25 - 7.5"

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Why didn’t you?

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Work? Between kids, carving, and hanging out on the forums, when do you have time to work? :smile:

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I believe that the magazine cavity is sized correctly. It took me a minute but I think I figured it out. The entire hole pictured below is for the mag. The wider section, above and below, is just extra space to grab the mag.

Caveat - I haven’t actually cut this yet.


I think your right lol

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This looks great! I do have a question though. When I open this file it defaults to a 1/8" bit. Is that what you used? With that setting it estimates this project will be cut in a quick 45 hours. Certainly that’s not what you intended. Of course I could make an initial cut with a larger bit to clear out some of the dead space, but what was the plan with this? I do hope to make a couple of these, but want to make sure I am doing it right. Would it be too much to ask for a quick instruction page? Thanks a million for all your designs.

I don’t see an undercut in the curved path for the rounds to be captive. Did you consider this?

Scratch that last question. I figured out the design and how the undercuts are formed…

from what I have downloaded and researched the captive part is the two pieces above the cut-out. place them where the red arrows show and that will prevent the rounds from jumping out. also a piece that goes on the pusher up there.

sorry just seen you repost.

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One of the projects I had in mind when purchasing the x-carve were these. My father makes Ar-15s and I wanted to make these for his business.

This design is definitely viable, but with the cut time, I think I will be cutting this in half and making it much faster. If you think of this as two pieces you sandwich together you can do a lot less cutting.

so from the inside(side that will be glued down) of the top, cut out the circle opening and the channel for the rounds as well as the mag and then also make the recess for the rounds. On the bottom, you only need to shave an 1/8" to lower the mag to line up with the rounds. Then you just glue and clamp This should save a ton of time.

The draw back to this is material. 2x is much cheaper than 2 1x so if you plan on making this in large amounts you may want to invest in a bandsaw to resaw your own lumber.

Would love to see your files. I think you’re on to something very good

So I have all the hardware put together for my machine, but not the wiring yet so I haven’t tested it yet to figure out cut rates. The Easel sketch-up to work as I mentioned above claims it would take about 6.5 hours. That seems extremely long still. It is literally reverse of Phil’s. I also made mine a right handed version(curvature up pushing right to left)

The top image I added a slight depth to the piece on the left only to show the alignment. You would set this down to zero when you go to cut. Also once I have my machine up and running and get some real software I will remove the extra cut pass for the mag well as this still keeps it.