Arduino and gShield enclosure and fan purchase for Upgrade?

I’m looking to upgrade my Shapeoko 2 (500mm^2) to X-Carve 1000mm^2 and I do not see where I can order the Arduino/gShield ‘Enclosure and Fan’. The Customize page has the ‘Motion Controller’ option - Arduino/gShield Motion Controller Kit - [Add $120.00], but I already have the Arduino/gSheild, I would like to order just the Enclosure and Fan. Did I miss something among the parts to order?

Thank you

Look here. That has the power supply stuff.
Here is the fan.

I couldn’t find the enclosure. Maybe someone else has an idea.

The fan has been out of stock for a long time. And I haven’t seen the enclosure in forever. A year ago it was out of stock for the longest time, I gave up looking and now it’s not even listed. For the fan, try amazon.

Agreed, the odd part is both are included in new X-Carve kits.

Guess I’ll take your advice and goto Amazon.

Anyone know of a 3D STL file around for the gShield enclosure? If not, I can design one - doesn’t look too complicated.

This looks like the thing you’re looking for

He also has the top fan plate…

Thank you for the reference RaulTibo, just what I was looking for.