Arduino/cnc shield case

Anyone aware of a case or enclosure that takes an Arduino Uno, cnc shield together with A4988 drivers and heatsinks. There are loads of slim boxes for sale that an Uno fits but none seem to be available that take all the hardware. I’m hoping to find one with provision for a 50/60mm fan. Any clues would be appreciated

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Design your own and mill it out of wood? Or maybe HDPE layers, so its custom to your needs?

ISTR that there are a few here which meet your criteria: — FWIW, I just made mine out of Lego bricks.

Box size =
6-19/64" Length
6-19/64" Width
3-17/32" Height

Will those drivers work very well on reasonably powered Nema 23s? They are only rated at 2A Absolute Max, and overcurrent protection kicks in at 2.1A. That being said, I run my machine at roughly 1.8A on the motors. These may be able to pull that off, but I would think you will still need some good cooling to do so.

The DRV8825 is a direct replacement on the CNC shield, and is rated at 2.5A Absolute Max with overcurrent protection coming in at 3A. You’ll still want some cooling (fan and heat sink) on these, but I’ve run mine on short jobs without it.

Just to say thank you all those who pointed me to various solutions. A.j the wiring diagram that you provided was mind boggling to someone that can cope with mechanics but not electrics.

the wire diagram is an sample of all the thing that you could used in a box.
all you really need is 24V power source+ Stepper motor connector + Limit Switchs

this is another sample for a case with an WinBook TW100.


I took an old computer power supply, gutted it and mounted everything in it . Used 4 and 8 pin aircraft connectors for steppers and limit switches. Included a 6 amp 24 volt switching power supply. There is room for a electronic relay and e-stop switch. Haven’t done that yet. I used the protoneer board with drv8825’s. 90 mm fan for cooling.

Show a photo of what it look like when is done.

Paul those Arduino cases are easily available at online store, I brought one from ebay for arduino. I made a custom flight control using arduino:airplane: . it is lightweight. If you are still looking for the case. I will get the details from my email.

Hi Boris I’m still looking for a case that will take the Arduino Uno and all the grbl shield boards. I would be grateful for any supplier details that you have.