Arduino Motor Shield

I want to build a cnc welding machine and only need to control two stepper motors. I want to see if anyone has used Easel software to control an Arduino motor shield. I want to sketch lines on a sheet and have the gun create the welds
where ever there is a line. I need to know if Easel will talk to the Arduino board directly or how you have to set it up?
I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Hi Rand

You need the gshield hooked up to the Arduino.

Hi Zach - I have the motor shield inserted into the Uno board and two small DC motors to see when I am successful.
Do you mean by software connecting the boards? I don’t understand if Easel sends a code that Arduino understands?

Easel sends Gcode to the Arduino it then gets converted in the gshield to electrical signals in the stepper motor driver chips that turn the stepper motors.

I understand your e-mail in theory. - How do I format the g code in Easel for a plain Arduino and shield board? I have it set to com 3 but my only choices in Easel are their three machines they sell. How can I change the matchine signal to a generic Uno Board? Is Easel usable for other applications? or is it locked for other users?

Also as a light comment: When I have the cable connected to the base board the right motor runs at various times…

Easel sends gcode. It is only designed to support 3d carving applications.

In order to have it connect to the Arduino you need load the hex file.