Artcam project

Getting some 3d work in good way to use up some sawmill scraps. still need to order tapered ball endmills to grab the finer detail but still looks good. now time for the manual labour.


Can you tell us what bits were used and how long it took.
Its awesome. :smiley:

Time was way too long do to incorrect settings but bits used were .5in pocket bit and .125 ball endmill. size is 9x13. the wood was rough cut from the saw mill and too thick for my bit .

  1. 3D roughing pass
  2. 3D finishing pass
  3. 2D cut along vector as deep as the bit could go
  4. flip over and face mill the back till it meets up with the 2D outline pass and all will drop out
    I have found the best way for me to remove any fuzz on the cleanup of the 3d carving is a green scotch bright pad and a micro fibre cloth finish sanding is done with sanding sponges should have been a 5 hour or less project but lack of attention on my part ended up being 9 hours.