Artwork conversions

Guys, I’m new to this. I’ve looked every where for software that would help me create a good relief drawing for Aspire. I see all these perfect 3D images on the internet and think to myself there has to be some sort of software out there that helps with this type of drawing. Is there?
I’ve been doing them in Photoshop but it is very time consuming…

Got an example of what you mean?

I’m beginning to think these are actual 3D models created in z brush and then converted to a flat grey scale. Is there a software that you can work a grey scale jpg file over to create such a file?

Hi JaySchimelfenig
Did you ever find an answer?

Have you considered Pic Engrave? I never used it myself but it converts grey scale images into GCode for CNC Router and laser. The examples in the gallery look very good. I’m sure that like everything else, you need to spend time learning the software to get those results.


I web searched for ‘picture to relief drawing’ and pulled up a bunch of tools and apps that can do this. I’ve not tried any, but they look legit.