Aspire and Chilipeppr


This is totally a noob question so go easy on me :joy:

Am testing out aspire and slowly starting to get it,but as far as i understand to be able to send something to the x carve we need a gbrl sender of some sort,this be Chilipeppr og something else ?

Why is this not possible directly from Aspire ? ? Were talking software that cost 2000 :heavy_dollar_sign: :scream: and it cant do this ? ? wow this is kind of crazy i think…

And i have for the whole day now been trying to get chilipeppr to work but no way,just cant grab my head around it…jeeeezzzzz :triumph:

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I tinkered a bit with chillipeppr the other day but got lost as well. Welcome to the club! :smile:

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Does anybody know if there is some sort of plugin or something for the Aspire making it possible to carve directly to the x-carve ?
Think it is a little awkward to have to use a seperate program for this.

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There is nothing that I know of to allow aspire to directly run the machine. I have been using both universal g-code sender and chilipeppr for months. I have stuck with universal g-code sender version 2 nightly builds as it works with much larger g-code files. Once you get the work flow down, generate toolpaths, open in UGS it is quick and efficient, just takes a little while to get the hang of it. If you are having issues getting UGS to work or even chilipeppr, I would be happy to walk you through it.

Hi Erik.

I think i will be going for the universal g code sender.

But i get a error message that ugs has not finished booting.

Can not get past this point.

Could it be incompatible with windows 10 ?

I will check a little more later today what exactly is the error message.

Runs fine on my win 10 machine…

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I am also running Windows 10…make sure you have the latest version of Java installed and you select the correct speed to connect, 115200, that usually gets people.


oh yeah. The Baud rate got me the first time. :smile:

It has become a bit to late here in norway now,and one to many beers :beers: to take any chanses in the workshop :scream:

So this is my main project for tomorrow :smiley:

Thanks for the help :+1:t2::grinning:

Hmmm just cant get this to work,jeezz :scream:

Here is a printscreen showing some alarm of some kind …

Wow :sunglasses: Think i got it now,happy happy happy :smiley:

It is useful to read the help section sometimes :smirk:

:heavy_dollar_sign:X removed the alarm and the machine control seem to work now,so now I will try a project :grinning:

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I believe the $X is a motor lock and is engaged every time UGS is started.

Beware of the jog feature! Mine ALWAYS start in inches!

theres a $X button on the machine control tab