Aspire Text to V-carve Toolpath Help

I am very new at using aspire and I seem to be getting a really strange error whenever I try to v-carve/engrave text.

Literally the only variable I set was to make the cut .25 deep, and yet it is telling me I am going to cut it more than 7 inches. WTF am I doing wrong, I thought it may be an error so I started the program again same problem.

Setting the start depth at .25 would start the cut .25 inch into the material. I don’t think that what you intend. Leave the start depth blank. If you want the letters to be no more that .25 deep set the flat depth limit to .25. But be aware that the bottom of the carved letters may not be very smooth.

Maybe try a different simple font with less vectors inside the letters or try the flat depth option. Here is a link to the Vectric FAQ about v-carving:

I hope that helps a little

So I reset the start depth to 0.0 and the flat depth to .0125. Here is the resulting 3d. I have no clue what is going on.

I am seriously getting aggravated, I am using a v bit so its basically a pencil point and its not even calculating the majority of the area. I seriously don’t understand what I have done wrong, I followed the exact steps as a video I watched online, I just used a different font. The only thing that I could think that could be causing the problems at this point is the font and why have a font in the program that you can’t use?

It looks like the vectors for the font are all messed up. It could be that they are not closed.

Pick a font from the text list in Vcarve, they are all designed to work well with Vbits.

I am designing the entire thing in aspire, I just picked one of the single line fonts from the list, Typed my text and then hit apply. I’m not importing anything.

are you doing each word as a vector or all at once I been learning to us vcarve desk have not had that happen

Ok I actually figured it out, found it on vectric’s website.

How do I machine a single line font?

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@RamonQuinones nice I also just gave you gcode import access in Easel. It’s in the file menu.