Aspire to Easel alignment issues!

I created a 3D project in Aspire 8. The project size is 23.75" inches (diameter), and will be carved onto a circular plaque (23.75" Diameter). There are a total of 4 toolpaths (roughing, final, final 2, v-carve). The material setup I used is dantrum bottom left corner; X 0/Y 0 position.

With that material setup, it should be straight forward… I set the circular plaque so that it touches the bottom 0 line, and the lefthand 0 line.

When I upload the aspire gcodes, the project piece is overlapping the lefthand 0 line by about a quarter inch. Also, the light translucent blue ‘job material’ shows in Easel that it is too far left, passing the 0 line.

I’m looking for some help, guys and gals!! thank you in advance

Working with: x-carve 1000x1000

I will get that to you tomorrow. I’m currently at work and thank you again

It almost appears like the X and Y zero position is different from Aspire to Easel?

You can see that my project is lined up on the 0 x, 0y in Aspire.

When imported into easel, my project is -1 or -2 in both the x and y.

This is super frustrating!!

I’m sorry, Phil… I’m missing something here…

Basically, when I connect to my machine and auto-home the machine to the 0,0 position, and begin carving the material, it carves too far to the left… It is going into the (negative) space…

This is why i came back to the easel image, and seen that it appeared my project was too far to the left of 0…

It definitely could be that it just appears it’s too far to the left in the program due to the view Easel offers… I did play with it, and all angles appear to far to the left still. I attached a photo again of a closer angle

oh, I understand… makes sense!

Do you have any idea as to why the machine is carving the project incorrectly?

Also, do you think using UGS instead of Easel will be the best bet if I am using Aspire?

Yes, it is carving to the left of the zero point. I’m sorry for passing this headache onto you… Very much appreciate
your time, Phil.

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Well, I believe I’m using the vectric PP… I downloaded it from inventables “download” page. When it downloaded, all that happened was a document was uploaded to my homescreen on my desktopvectric-easel.pp (3.0 KB)

Basically I export the toolpaths to my homescreen.

I then open Easel. Go to file, upload gcode. Click “open” and find the toolpath on my homescreen and select it. Then it uploads into Easel.

Is that correct?

here is my roughing tool path…

here is my detail toolpath…

Robert, how do i do that? It just opens up as a word document…

I am thinking that my computer is not loading easel PP properly. I just get a word document loaded onto my home screen. I am not sure why this is happening??

Phil, ok…

I investigated as you suggested. I found this link: What to do with the post processor zip to run vcarve pro?

I put the two PP files into the proper folder per that article.

Does this NOW mean that everything is good to go? I can save toolpaths to “xcarve INCH or MM” and easel will reflect my Aspire project properly?

hi phil. the only thing that i can find is this:

i downloaded the .3.10 driver … i believe i already had this done. along with the vectric PP. This is why i’m confused as to why it’s not working properly

oops… ok I just saved easel.PP to my desktop. I need to move THIS file to the “PostP” folder?

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