Assembled X-Carve pics and where you are putting the electronics box

Show me what you got…!! Did you make an enclosure next to the machine…? Underneath it…? How’d you run the wires…?

My layout of my S2 is shown in a project posting here.

My electronic box is only about 5-6 inches from the X-Carve, so I can’t put it anywhere until I replace the wiring between the power supply/controller and the machine.

I cut the cables to the length suggested for the 500mm machine in the instructions, and even added an inch for safety. I wish the machine came with at least 3 more feet of cable so the controller had another foot of distance to work with on the 3 stepper motor cables. Though 2-3 feet would be more ideal since the wires come off the front of the machine rather than the back.

Oh they do sweet my box is under the table at the front. Figured I’d need to buy some more cabling

You’ll still need more cable if you want your controller under the table. Here’s a shot of my wiring setup based on the exact lengths of wire listed in the instructions (+1-2 inches for safety on every cut) and I can get the power supply about 5-6 inches from the machine.

For those of us who would like to put the electronics a bit farther away, what gauge wiring should we have on hand, and - for the really uptight people - what colors?

When you place the order for the x carve, can longer wires be requested?

You can order additional wire at any time. I ordered an extra ten feet of stepper cable when I placed my order because I knew ahead of time (from reading this forum) that I would need more to reach where I intended to place my box.

Its hard to tell in the picture but the powersupply box is mounted on the right side of the table vertically (early pic )
I also sourced my own shielded homing switch wires and bought a 50’ roll.
This keeps the electronics out of the way, dust free, and closer to my computer.

Finally got my X-Carve built, I took quite a while tidying up the wiring. Did my first test carve today and everything went peachy!