Assembly of my xcarve 500mm

I am making some videos on youtube on my assembly. I would like some feedback on these videos. I haven’t finished yet but I’m getting close. I would like any tips on video editing or assembly you could give. Also on my first project to record. Thank you in advance

Thank you! I notice that too and in the last couple videos I do a voice over and changed the style of the video. Thank you for spending the time watching that far.

If you had the time I’d be interested in your opinion on the difference on my 1st and my 4th video. My 4th is the shortest and has a lot in it.


End game is to have a few videos how I did it with a review at the end. Now that I am getting the hang of video editing I would like to make a one or two video on how to put it together after I know for sure I know it works. These first videos are learning and that’s why I wanted the feedback on them. I really appreciate your opinion Robert. This is good insight. What are your thoughts on my long term goal?

Thanks for your time it was very helpful input. Partly I want to show inventable what it is like for someone who doesn’t have any experience can do it. Also so beginners know how did it.

Thank you for your honest opinion Bob. I don’t believe I am blind in this situation but I know I am not an expert. Also i would rather see someone like me put one together than see someone who is a true expert. If I have questions I would go to the expert. If I wanted motivation I look to see how this is for someone who isn’t an expert in that field. I appreciate your input. I am taking what y’all have to see to heart. It’s not encourage to hear but it does make me rethink my process.