Assembly PDF

I put this together while I was waiting for my X-carve to arrive. I did not get the sideboard so it’s not part of this instructions but if you get the waste board together you will understand enough and could go online for that part. But all what I did was copy and paste and made a nice not so little Assembly instructions. I printed it at work if you print two-sided I have format it in such a way that a new section will always start on the right. I used it and it was a lot easier than trying you have my laptop in front of me. Get you a nice 3 ring binder and you can have a guide you can keep in your shop. Follow the link below for PDF and Word versions.

Front Cover


Front Cover



Thanks. I can use this.

This is great! I was surprised not to find this available from inventables. Thanks for the share.

This is awesome. Thanks for taking the time to do this and share.

Holy COW, I looked for one of these for a LONG time before giving up, thanks!!!

So, if Inventables doesn’t make this available, how does anyone build this thing in a shop/barn/garage without internet access?? Not only is Easel tied to the Internet (and therefore dependent on your ISP) but the INSTRUCTIONS??

wow, that is really great work) you are great)

Right, I had to wait about a month and was reading the notes over and over again. Plus I wanted something I can keep in my garage. It’s still not perfect there were some things the notes are not clear not sure if they have changed the notes since I made this but it got me setup.

Thanks - Inventables should have done this.

My guess is that they want to have the most up to date instructions available to everyone. It’s much easier to update a web page than to update a PDF, and you can never update a PDF people have already downloaded.

I plan taking an iPad to the garage with me when I build mine.

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