Assembly - Rails & Gantry not square

I just finished installing the side rails and Gantry. When I run the gantry to the from I can see that it is not square , slightly racked not sure how to get it squared up?

Thank you Robert

My x-axis is off about 4mm, comparing left side rail location to right side. I know I made my bed frame square, as well as my side rails. When I run the spindle left to right, it looks crooked relative to the wasteboard lines.

I finally decided to run a square test (woodworking 3-4-5 check). I cut a square box outline 300mm X 400mm, cutting on the outside of the box. I then measured diagonally corner to corner and it was exactly 500mm. This tells me that my machine is cutting perfectly square regardless of how it looks. So far I’m happy.

That’s a good idea! I have almost the same problem, and in searching the forum the consensus solution seems to be the use of a bump stop and pulling the gantry square during the startup cycle. I’m going top try this as one of my setup and alignment carves today.

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