Attaching a You tube File

Can someone please tell me how to attach a you tube file to a posting so I can better show what is going on. Better then pictures. I know I did this in the some where but just am lost. Thanks.

After the video is uploaded to YouTube, just paste the link here.

Thanks. I could not find the link. I will have to look again. I know they usually give them some strange names. If I have to start from scratch I will. Thank you again.

Are you on a computer? If so, it’s just the URL (htpps://________) in the address bar at the top of the browser.

Thanks. I had 3 videos so I right clicked on each video and there was a link. I think it worked. Will have to check later. I have to sell my X-Carve. Medical. Anyway. Thanks you for your help. Very much appreciated.