Attempt to fix my Vcarve Pro File?

I have two Vcarve pro files that I am trying to route. They are for mazes. I am trying to make them from 1" MDF. The problem I am having is that they keep saying they are open vectors, when I do the “join” function, it does so in a completely unusable way. I am willing to paypal money to anyone who can make these cuttable for me. I have a deadline, and no time to fix them myself. I have already spent a few hours trying to get them to work.ERPZ-141.crv (105.5 KB)ERPZ-142-002 Body.crv (28 KB)

Looking at it now, the problem with the maze is parts of the curves are duplicated so it is doing weirdness.
I am trying to deconstruct it a bit to see if I an eliminate the overlap

I am not sure if this is what you needed but take a look
ERPZ-141.crv (2.6 MB)

The squares were a bit harder. I made them individual squares but if you try to carve them at the same time they cancel each other out. So I broke them up to groups, not the most efficient carve as it doubles up
You may want to redo it, but it is a starting point.
ERPZ-142-002 Body 2.crv (143 KB)

I was able to load it, and finally get a pocket to work. Thank you. Am I missing a setting to pocket the area shown in white, and not the area currently shown as being cut?

Disregard. I got it now thanks to learning how to use node edit.